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Policy & Governance

The Board and its committees work with records managers throughout the State to develop various policies, rules and guidelines that promote responsible records management practices and assist in the compliance with retention and preservation requirements.​

General Records Schedules

General Records Schedules (GRSs) are a collection of Records Disposition Authorizations for similar records. They provide consistency in records maintenance, retention and disposition across all units of government. The Public Records Board is responsible for maintaining, amending, and renewing all GRSs.

Records Resources

​Under the Records Resources tab you will find information which will assist you in the day-to-day management of records such as best practices and training materials. There is also a section with information unique to Counties and Municipalities.

Statutory Authority and Mission

The Public Records Board is responsible for the preservation of important State records, the orderly disposition of State Records that have come to the end of their life and cost-effective management of records by State agencies.

The Public Records Board meets quarterly in Madison.  Meetings generally last 2 to 3 hours.  The Board's Records Management Committee and Operations and Training Advisory Committee also meet quarterly in Madison.  The Board's Policy and Governance Committee will meet as needed, by call of the Chair in Madison.  Other subcommittees and workgroups meet on an ad hoc basis.

The Public Records Board has oversight and accountability for the State's Records Program.  The Board conducts its work through collaboration with Wisconsin governmental entities to assist in their compliance with records retention and preservation requirements.  Statutory authority may be found at Wis. Stat. § 16.61.​

Records Disposition

State agencies must have written approval from the Board to dispose of records they generate or receive per

Wis. Stat. § 16.61(4).​