Committees of the Public Records Board

Records Management Committee (RMC): meets before the Public Records Board’s quarterly meetings to review agency Records Disposition Authorization (RDA) submissions and general schedules.  The committee’s review provides consistency among agencies in their approach to retention and disposition of records, promotes use of general schedules whenever possible and flags overriding questions that should be addressed by the Board.  The committee meetings provide an opportunity for committee members to discuss specific RDAs with the agency or local government records officers.  The work of the Records Management Committee on the RDA submissions helps prepare and focus the issues for the upcoming Public Records Board meeting.

Operations and Training Advisory Committee (OTAC): supports the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of records officers in state and local governments through development of special projects, guidelines, regular training and addressing challenges related to emerging technology. The Committee is charged with organizing professional records management training which could include a statewide conference or webinars.  The committee should explore working with other established organizations and partners to provide training.  The committee should provide a forum for records officers to help identify and address records management challenges and issues.  At every meeting, the Committee will receive a report from the Records Center Section Chief on topics including records inventory, RDAs which have sunset and progress of work on other projects, including forms and general schedule updates.  The Committee members will serve three-year staggered terms.  The members are appointed by the Public Records Board after collaborating with the entity the member represents.  The Advisory Committee Chair will meet at least annually with the Policy and Governance Committee to set direction and priorities for the Advisory Committee’s work and to collaborate on records management standards and best practice plans.

Policy and Governance Committee: meets as necessary to develop policy proposals for the Board’s consideration, assists the chair in setting priorities and directing resources and promotes collaboration and communication between the Board and its partners.  The Policy and Governance Committee takes a close look at specific issues, procedures or policies and makes recommendations to the Board for changes that further promote the statutory mission of the Board.  The Policy and Governance Committee will meet at least annually with the Chair of the Operations and Training Advisory Committee to help provide direction and set priorities. 

Committee Members' Roles

  • Committee members contribute expertise and skills to develop proposals for full Board meetings
  • Committee members work with chair and staff to research, review, amend and finalize proposals​ to the full Board
  • At the request of the full Board, Committee members study and review issues and make recommendations to the full Board

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