Board Policies

General Records Schedule Policy: The General Records Schedule (GRS) policy addresses the implementation process for State agencies, the UW System Administration, all UW campuses, all Wisconsin counties, municipalities or other local units of government. It also has a frequently asked questions section to assist with implementation when a GRS is created or renewed. 

All of the GRSs and their related documents can be found under the General Schedules tab​. 

General Records Schedule Policy

​Electronic Records and Statement of Intent Policy: It is not uncommon for records to transition from one format to another (for example, paper records which are scanned or otherwise entered in to an electronic system). When this transition occurs the conditions under Wis. Stat. §§ 16.61(7) and 137.20 ​must be followed. By statute the Public Records Board should be notified before the transition occurs. The policy provides two options for Wisconsin Government units to notify the Board and includes an example of appropriate transition language. This policy applies to all Wisconsin Government units at the State, County, and Municipal levels.

Electronic Records and Statement of Intent Policy

Electronic Records Statement of Intent Form (PRB-004)

RDA Extension Policy: Under current law, a records retention schedule (RDA) approved by the Public Records Board on or after March 17, 1988, is effective for 10 years, unless otherwise specified by the Board. See Wis. Stat. § 16.61(4)(c)The last day of the 10-year period following approval of an RDA is known as the “sunset date,” and an RDA where it has more than 10 years since approval is said to have “sunsetted.”​ This policy allows the Board to grant an 18 month extension to the sunset date. 

RDA Extension Policy

RDA Extension Policy Form (PRB-005)

​​Administrative Rule 12: The administrative rule on electronic records provides qualitative standards to guide use of electronic records by all Wisconsin Government units at the State, County, and Municipal levels.​.  This rule repealed the former optical imaging rule and replaced it with a technology neutral set of standards for all electronic records.  The Admin Rule 12 Primer provides background information and guidance for Wisconsin Government units at the State, County, and Municipalities to implement Admin Rule 12.

Administrative Rule 12 

Admin Rule 12 Primer​​​