Statewide General Records Schedules

General Record Schedules (GRSs) are a mechanism for systematic retention and disposition of similar types of records across all government units.  GRSs eliminate the need for state agencies to develop and seek approval of their own records retention disposition authorizations (RDAs).  They lend consistency to recordkeeping across all government units and provide assurance of accountability to the public.  The PRB supports the development of, and has approved, GRSs in several functional areas.  Their policy statement mandates usage and implementation of these schedules, as well as outlines a process and requirements that state agencies must use to opt out of any or all of them, in whole or in part. It also provides implementation guidance and frequently asked questions.  

Upon Public Records Board approval of a General Records Schedule, the implementation of said schedules by Wisconsin state agencies is mandatory and immediate.  Implementation of a PRB-commissioned GRS by the UW System Administration, all UW campuses, all Wisconsin counties, municipalities or other local units of government is optional but recommended.  The policy is in accordance with the authority outlined under Wis. Stats. § 16.61.​

For information on: Who May Use General Records Schedules, Records Responsibilities, Records Format, Retaining Records, Confidential and Personally Identifiable Information, and Understanding the GRS Categories see the Introduction to General Records Schedules.